Beautiful wall art for living room

Schöne wandbilder für wohnzimmer

April 01, 2024

Wall design in the bedroom raises many controversial questions in some households. While some like to decorate the bedroom with excessive living ideas, for others it is more of a neglected topic. However, the decorative design of rooms influences our daily well-being - which also applies to bedrooms in particular. You can find some interesting facts about wall design in the bedroom here and also read up on great ideas for wall decoration.


Wall designs in the bedroom and their relevance

While in the past the bedroom was used purely for pragmatic reasons, its importance has increased considerably, which is increasingly noticeable in today's bedroom wall design. We actually want to feel comfortable there and not just use it as a place to sleep. In addition, modern knowledge about interior design has grown enormously and provides us with furnishing ideas that are good for the soul in all respects. However, not everyone implements this design knowledge in the best possible way, even if they are interested in doing so. The bedroom is a place of peace and quiet where we retreat to sleep and relax. This aspect has not changed.

What has changed, however, are the demands and scope of use as well as the effects that wall decoration can have today. Where in the past a bedroom - due to a lack of space and the frequency of large families under one roof - usually had to be used by several people, today it is an intimate place for us. It's where we want to find ourselves and have a personal touch around us. It also functions as a dressing room for many people and should therefore fulfill various conditions of use. The right wall design can create a relaxed atmosphere for sleeping in the bedroom, but other needs should also be taken into account.

Individuality of colour in the bedroom

Shades of colour are fundamental mood-setters, which is particularly important when it comes to colour in the bedroom. Depending on your taste in colour, however, wall designs can have a counterproductive effect. For example, if you like red on the wall and don't want to do without it, it makes sense to divide up the wall surfaces in a planned way. This is because red is a warm but also stimulating colour and can influence the quality of sleep.

It is advisable to paint the shade of red on the wall behind the bed, for example, so that it is not directly in your field of vision when you fall asleep. The use of wall paint in particular allows you to create atmospheric wall decorations easily and freely. Cool and pastel wall colours - such as light grey, blue and green - have a relaxing and balancing effect. They also harmonize wonderfully with each other and are therefore ideal combination partners. Yellow, which can also be combined well as a wall paint, brings cheerful warmth into the room, although this should be avoided in warm rooms or attic apartments. The visual warmth would make the warm room climate appear even more unpleasant. For the dressing area, for example, colours in stimulating orange or a friendly, warm apricot are ideal. They cheer you up, but should only be used selectively as a colour in the bedroom.

Variety of wallpapers for bedrooms and their effects There are, of course, suitable wallpapers for the bedroom. However, you should avoid overly wild patterns and bright colours and opt for more restrained decors. If you do fancy eye-catching patterned wallpaper, you have the option of only applying it to selected wall surfaces in order to maintain the right balance in your bedroom.

The same applies to photo wallpapers, which can give a room a positive sense of space, but can also overwhelm it. Wallpapers with texture that radiate a certain characteristic are very attractive and popular. Examples of this are flocked wall coverings or wall coverings with natural materials, which are available in many designs. This allows you to pick up on the popular vintage look, for example, or give your bedroom a rustic natural touch. The advantage of this type of wallpaper is that it helps to insulate the room.

Extra tip: If the insulation in your home leaves a lot to be desired, you can use special insulating wallpaper. These are applied to the bare wall and the desired wallpaper for your bedroom is then applied on top.

Choose wall decorations for the bedroom carefully

In addition to the basic wall design, wall decoration is of course what makes a bedroom cozy. In this room, however, less is always more. Decorations should always be used discreetly so that you can fall asleep and wake up in peace. Wall tattoos with sayings or simple motifs, for example, are a great option for wall design in the bedroom.

You can make effective murals yourself from wash tape, which requires a little skill but is particularly individual. Pretty mobiles, delicate garlands, wall birds and, of course, framed pictures are also attractive accessories for the bedroom wall. A tapestry is also a magical idea, as wall designs made of textiles bring additional cosiness to the room - and also serve as practical insulation. When choosing a tapestry, however, you should always consider the design and size. Large tapestries should have unobtrusive patterns and a light color so that they do not overload the room. Smaller tapestries can have a bold color design and can be used as an eye-catching focal point.

Mirrors are popular objects in the bedroom and are also perfect as wall decorations. They not only show you your reflection when getting dressed or applying make-up, but also bring a pleasant sense of space into your bedroom. However, you should carefully consider the placement of wall mirrors to ensure that this wall decoration is a pleasant feature in your bedroom.

Have the tips on wall decorations in the bedroom stimulated your design senses and would you like more ideas as illustrative material? Our creative members provide you with tasteful insights into real environments in the picture gallery. There you can discover a number of pictures of wall designs in bedrooms and get plenty of inspiration!