Furnishing trends 2023: Tell us how to furnish your room in style

wohnzimmer bild mit rahmen

March 30, 2023

To keep you up to date, we are publishing a new series of images and showing you what will be trending next year.

As this year, interest in eco-friendliness will also increase in 2023. This means materials that are as natural as possible, laconic and in a calm color scheme.

The materials for living and working spaces are stone, wood and glass. This is because they are natural, combine well with each other and can be used in any interior design style.

The textiles for the living area are organic fabrics, recycled materials and environmentally friendly fibers.

acrylic painting on canvas

Overall, the design of living and working spaces in 2023 will be geared towards minimalism. This means no frills in interior design and at the same time maximum simplicity and functionality.
There is also an interest in exclusive art objects that have a story of their own. However, since not everyone can afford to buy original works of art to decorate their interiors, we recommend paying attention to hand-painted pictures on canvas for interiors. The quality of a canvas painting is better than that of a museum piece, and there are no problems with interior style as there is a huge selection of paintings to choose from.

In addition to modern art pictures on canvas, you can also use posters or artistically edited photos printed on canvas to decorate the rooms.

And the most important thing - what about the color scheme? Cascading rainbow colors are no longer en vogue, the trend is to use 2-3 shades in the interior. Sand colors, amber, deep blue or white and gold are being used more and more frequently. And the contrast of white and black is not going out of fashion.