Hand-painted paintings by YS-Art: something that will make your interior unique

Handgemalte Gemälde von YS-Art: etwas, das Ihr Interieur einzigartig machen wird

March 30, 2023

In recent years, interior design has changed dramatically - from primitive, monotonous furniture and standard pictures, we have moved on to exclusive, handmade decorative items.

Someone who wants to beautify their home or workplace would no longer hang a cheap poster or reproduction on the wall. He or she will order a handmade painting that either perfectly complements or accentuates the surroundings.

We - YS-Art, the interior painting studio - have been creating handmade wall decorations that adorn the interiors of clients all over the world for 17 years. That's why we know how to choose the right painting for your home or office. And we create just such works of art.
We'll tell you how to choose the right painting for your home or office, from an expert's point of view.

Paintings for the home: what size and color scheme to choose? In our studio, we help our clients choose paintings for their interiors - depending on their preferences in terms of theme and color scheme, the designer creates a visualization.
However, if you would like to choose the wall decoration yourself, we have some recommendations for you here:

For relaxation rooms, it is best to use pictures in a light, calm color scheme. The motif should not be aggressive or accentuated. Light abstract, landscape or urban motifs are well suited. However, you can also choose a bright abstraction for the workplace, as it promotes concentration and develops creativity. In a large room, it is better to hang a large painting or a composition of several small paintings. Conversely, a large painting in a small room will only visually narrow the space.
The height of the painting from the floor should not be less than 1.5 meters. This is also how paintings are exhibited in museums.

As far as the color scheme is concerned, it is easiest to follow one of two rules: Your painting should either be in the same color scheme as the entire interior, or it will contrast. In the first case it will complement the interior, in the second case it will be an accent.
Print or handmade picture: Which is better?