In the near future we will open a gallery!

In nächster Zeit werden wir eine Galerie eröffnen!

April 19, 2023

We are pleased to announce that our new art gallery will soon be opening! Here you will find an impressive selection of hand-painted art created by contemporary artists from the region.

In our gallery, you can not only admire abstract art paintings but also purchase them. Each acrylic artwork is unique and hand-made, so you can be sure that you are acquiring a unique work of art.

Come and visit us at the opening and experience the beauty and creativity of the modern interior design paintings presented in our gallery. We are proud to provide a platform for local artists and look forward to presenting their work to you.

So don't hesitate to visit us to find a beautiful handmade piece of art for your home or office!

Follow our updates to be the first to know the opening date of our gallery in one of the largest shopping centers in Germany!