Modernism in contemporary interior design: space, laconicism and functionality

Die Moderne in der zeitgenössischen Innenarchitektur: Raum, Lakonismus und Funktionalität

October 25, 2023

When defining such a trend as "contemporary design", it should first be noted that the terms "modern" and "contemporary" are not identical. The modern design style is eclectic, combining styles from different eras, whereas Art Nouveau originated in a specific period.

Modernism in interior design emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century and was mainly based on the basic ideas of German and Scandinavian design and architecture, which were characterized by logic and practicality. Most of the materials used were simple and the forms laconic, especially in the furnishing of the rooms. The color palette was dominated by black, white and combinations of other primary colors.

The furniture in Art Nouveau rooms is functional and simple, a trend that is typical of the modern style in general. As far as the use of materials is concerned, natural and artificial materials are usually combined. Natural light plays an important role in the rooms, while accent lighting is necessary to draw attention to certain elements and architectural features.

The decorative design of the space, e.g. textiles, acrylic paintings on canvas or sculptures, is selected in accordance with the idea of functionality. This means that the designer's main focus is not on form, but is subordinate to the functional component.

The color scheme focuses on primary colors and block colors (a technique in interior design in which elements are arranged in contrasting combinations). Such designs are characterized by bright and simple colour schemes, to which individual accents are added that decorate the room without overwhelming it. Contemporary art objects are also selected for decoration in contrasting shades. For example, black and white paintings for the interior.

The term modern interior itself is more general and usually combines features of several styles at once. However, the predominant philosophy of modern style is space. This idea is fundamental, and all components of the interior obey it. Living rooms are usually minimalist in design, have a so-called open floor plan, which makes it possible to free up more space and let more light into the room.

For those who opt for this style, the logic of the interior, its functionality and free space are extremely important, as they help to save time, enjoy the benefits of progress and feel comfortable after a hectic day at work.