The most important shock during renovation is the wall decoration

Der wichtigste Schock bei der Renovierung ist die Wanddekoration

March 30, 2023

Empty walls always convey the feeling of an uncomfortable home. No wonder, the walls are considered the basis of the interior, which is why a lot of time is spent on decorating them. After all, wall decoration can create coziness or spoil the entire interior. Today, the world is developing very quickly. We do not keep up with the new trends, and that is why wall decoration today offers many possibilities. Let's take a look at the most popular ones.

And yes, the most popular way to decorate walls is with wood. Why wood? It's simple, stylish and environmentally friendly. Wood is most commonly used in the bathroom, but a backlit wooden element is becoming increasingly popular for decorating the living room.

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Light is an interesting way to set accents, even on a white wall. Yes, light fulfills its primary function - illuminating the room. But it also sets accents, and a painting can be such an accent.

Graphite wall. The main advantage of such a wall is that you can draw or paint it yourself. You can also wipe the wall clean at any time and draw something new. Families with small children like to use a graphite wall so that they can express their creativity on this wall and not in the whole apartment.

A phytowall is a living corner in your home. It is suitable for lovers of nature and freshness. The main advantage is its naturalness and unpretentiousness, such a wall does not require special care.

The trend towards movable walls is on the rise; they look more like cupboard doors, but they are a wall. They are usually translucent and help to divide the space in the home to achieve what is known as zoning of the room.

Wall painting, here you only need your ideas and a professional artist. The advantage is that you don't have to prepare the room for wall art painting in advance. Another advantage is that you can paint over the mural at any time.

Volumetric decor - columns, frames, waves, fireplaces and much more are made of plaster. The advantage is the environmental friendliness of the material and the fact that such figures can easily fill the space.

These are just a few wall decoration options that can help you design and complement the interior of your home.