Framed abstract wall art for living room "Geometric illusion II"

€450,00 EUR

Discover the perfect piece of art for your home with this exclusive, hand-painted acrylic painting. Each piece is unique, created with passion and precision on high-quality canvas. The abstract, colorful squares come together to form a stunning, modern pattern, making this painting a real eye-catcher in any living room. With dimensions that perfectly fit above the sofa or as a central element of your wall design, this mural is an asset to any interior.

This acrylic painting is characterized by its vibrant colors and smooth texture, achieved through the use of high-quality acrylic paints. The included frame protects the artwork and makes it easy to hang. To keep your painting in the best condition, avoid direct sunlight and gently clean the surface with a dry, soft cloth.

By choosing this framed canvas painting, you are not only selecting an impressive decoration for your home, but also supporting genuine craftsmanship. Each work comes with a signature from the artist, which emphasizes the authenticity and value of your purchase. Whether as a gift for an art lover or as a special piece for your own collection, this mural is an investment that will bring joy and color to any room.

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Art is in every detail of the painting

What defines modern art in its purest form? It manifests itself in the person who creates it – suffused with a specific atmosphere, sending a unique message to the world, borne by an extraordinary energy.
A hand-painted painting is therefore much more than just a picture on canvas. It represents a whole universe of art, brought to life by our hands and souls.