Framed acrylic painting on canvas "Femininity"

€400,00 EUR

Discover elegance and modernity with our hand-painted artwork depicting a graceful silhouette of a woman - a real eye-catcher for any modern living room. This exquisite piece is carefully created on high-quality canvas and surrounded by a tasteful frame that emphasises the silhouette and adds a contemporary touch to your space. Measuring [exact size here], it will fit perfectly over a couch or fireplace and become the centrepiece of your decor.

The use of durable paints guarantees that your painting will retain its vibrant colours over the years. To ensure the longevity of your artwork, we recommend hanging it in a place away from direct sunlight and moisture. A dry cloth is all you need to gently remove dust and preserve the beauty of your painting.

With free shipping, this hand-painted picture is an excellent choice, whether for your own home or as a thoughtful gift. Each piece is unique, not only enhancing your walls but also reflecting the passion and talent of our artist. Make a statement in your living room with this modern work of art that combines tradition and contemporary design.

Kunst in jedem Detail des Gemäldes

Was definiert modern
Kunst in ihrer reinsten Form? Sie manifestiert sich in der Person, die sie erschafft – durchflutet von einer spezifischen Atmosphäre, eine einzigartige Nachricht in die Welt sendend, getragen von einer außergewöhnlichen Energie.
Ein handgemalt Gemälde ist demnach weit mehr als nur ein auf Leinwand gebanntes Bild. Es repräsentiert ein ganzes Universum der Kunst, zum Leben erweckt durch unsere Hände und Seelen.