Framed illuminated wall art "Oasis of faith"

€389,00 EUR

Discover the fascinating "Oasis of faith" - a collection of glow in the dark wall paintings. Luminous paintings that enchant your senses and make rooms shine. Frame - black with gold.

🌟 Unique glow in the dark paintings 🌟
Discover our fascinating collection of glowing pictures! These phosphorescent works of art, on stretcher frames and in frames, add a magical accent to your interior.

🎨 Features:
Handmade with love and creativity
Phosphorescent technology that glows in the dark
Vibrant, floral and abstract designs
Various sizes and framing options to choose from
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✨ Brighten up your home with unique glow in the dark wall art and create a magical atmosphere! Get your own phosphorescent painting now!

Art in every detail

What does art mean to you? Is it the paintings of world-famous artists that are worth a lot? Or perhaps what is trendy, recognized by authoritative publications? Maybe all of the above is true. But what if... We tell you that art is actually you. You're in every one of your days.