Framed wall art for living room "Snow-white daisies"

€400,00 EUR

This hand-painted canvas painting with a floral motif is captivating with its textured surface and vibrant colors. The hand-painted flowers bring positive energy into the room with their contrasting yellow and white tones. The matching frame that surrounds the painting ensures that it is immediately ready to beautify your wall.

  • Material: Acrylic paint on canvas
  • Frame: Included, matching the painting
  • Style: Framed abstract floral motif
  • Special features: 100% handmade, textured surface
  • Delivery: Free

Bring life and art into your home with this hand-painted canvas painting, which will transform any wall into an eye-catcher.

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Art is in every detail of the painting

Art in its truest form is reflected in the creator, imbued with unique mood and energy. A painting is more than just a canvas; it is a universe of art, brought to life by our souls.

Modern and stylish framed pictures purchased online become the ideal wall decoration, capturing abstract art and transforming spaces in a personal way.