Hand painted wall art abstract with gold leaf "Philosophy"

€210,00 EUR

Abstract paintings are ideal in apartments or houses. Paintings with abstractions offer sophistication, individuality and emphasize above all the good taste of the owner. You not only receive a painting, but an exclusive and unique work of art that was painted by a talented artist.


  • 100% hand-painted
  • On request, the painting can also be painted in other sizes.
  • Materials: acrylic, canvas, with frame made of natural wood.
  • We are happy to send you photos or videos from the creation of the painting.

Gold leaf, pleasant colors and textures underline the exclusivity and elegance of this work of art. This is the interior accessory that underlines its good taste and personality.

Paintings with abstractions are an ideal addition to your facility in the work, living room or bedroom. Such a painting creates space for imagination and creativity that the artist fully embodies.

Each painting is carefully checked by our quality management before shipping. If you don't like the painting, you can easily send the painting back to us. We reimburse you your money. You can easily buy a hand -painted painting: just put your suitable paintings in the shopping cart or write us to clarify further details.

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Every detail of the painting conceals art

What defines art in its purest form? It manifests itself in the person who creates it - suffused with a specific atmosphere, sending a unique message to the world, carried by an extraordinary energy. A painting is therefore far more than just a picture captured on canvas. It represents a whole universe of art, brought to life by our hands and souls.