Large abstract wall art with frame "Abstract silhouette"

€400,00 EUR

Immerse yourself in the world of abstract art with our modern living room paintings featuring a handcrafted textured painting that artfully depicts the silhouette of a woman. This unique artwork has been applied to a high-quality canvas by a talented artist and brought to life using a variety of materials and techniques to create mesmerizing texture and depth. The painting measures 48x32, 55x40, or 71x47 inch, making it a standout focal point in any room.

Our framed abstract paintings on canvas are more than just pictures for the living room; they are a statement and a mirror of the soul. They are perfect for adding personality to your living room, office, or bedroom while creating an inspiring atmosphere. Caring for this artwork is easy; it should be kept out of direct sunlight and can be gently dusted with a soft, dry cloth.

Each painting is carefully placed in a suitable frame to preserve its beauty and integrity. As a handmade product, each painting is unique and reflects authentic craftsmanship. The framed abstract painting on canvas is not only an asset to your own art collection but also a thoughtful gift for art lovers and special occasions. Enjoy free delivery and the feeling of owning genuine craftsmanship.

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Art in every detail of the painting

What is the essence of art?
It lies in the one who creates it - imbued with a certain mood, carrying a unique message into the world, filled with a special energy.
So a painting is not just a canvas with a picture.
It is your own universe of art, brought to life by our hands and our soul.