Paintings for living room with frame "Urban atmosphere"

€400,00 EUR

This hand-painted abstract acrylic painting on canvas depicts a vibrant cityscape with striking brushstrokes and color tones. Each nuance captures the city's dynamic atmosphere, while figures under umbrellas bring the scene to life. The painting is completely handmade and offers you the option to choose the frame color according to your individual preferences. Whether you prefer a modern or classic style, this frame will perfectly match your ambience.

  • Material: High-quality acrylic paint on canvas
  • Frame: Color of your choice
  • Size: 48x32 or 55x40 inch, or a customized size.
  • Style: Framed abstract cityscape
  • Special features: 100% hand-painted, individual creation
  • Delivery: Free, convenient, and secure

This unique framed work of art will give your room a sophisticated, artistic flair. Order now and let your wall shine with an expressive painting.

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Art in every detail of the painting

Art in its truest form is reflected in the creator, animated by a unique mood and energy. A painting is more than just a canvas; it is a universe of art, animated by our souls. Modern paintings and stylish pictures with frames, purchased online, become the ideal wall decoration, capturing abstract art and personally transforming spaces.