Textured acrylic painting with frame "Melody II"

€389,20 EUR

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Textured paintings are ideal in apartments or houses. Framed abstract paintings offer sophistication, individuality, and emphasize above all the good taste of the owner. You not only receive a painting but an exclusive and unique work of art painted by a talented artist.


  • 100% hand-painted
  • On request, the painting can also be painted in other sizes.
  • Materials: acrylic, canvas, with frame made of natural wood.
  • We are happy to send you photos or videos from the creation of the painting.

For our colorful framed acrylic image, we only use high-quality materials that meet international standards. Every painting can also be customized by our artists in a different size.

An abstraction that impresses with its colors and textures. Such a painting will not only enhance the interior of your house or office but also specify the tone and set the necessary accents. The luxury and elegance of this work of art are emphasized by the elegant frame.

Each painting is carefully checked by our quality management before shipping. If you don't like the painting, you can easily send it back to us for a refund. You can easily buy a hand-painted painting: just put your preferred paintings in the shopping cart or write to us to clarify further details.

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Art in every detail

What does art mean to you? Is it the paintings of world-famous artists that are worth a lot? Or perhaps what is trendy, recognized by authoritative publications? Maybe all of the above is true. But what if... We tell you that art is actually you. You're in every one of your days.