Framed glow in the dark art "Heavenly beauty"

€489,00 EUR

  1. During the day, this is a textured motif with a pleasant color scheme, and at night it creates a soft, pleasant glow of light that gives your room a unique comfort. So you not only get a glow in the dark painting, but also pleasant colored night lighting for your interior.
  2. Painted with glow in the dark acrylic paint and fluorescent colors that are environmentally friendly. We stretch the canvas on a stretcher frame made of natural wood. As we want the luminous painting to last for many years, we cover the surface with a water-based acrylic varnish.
  3. The phosphorescent painting comes fully mounted on a stretcher frame. You can hang the light wall painting immediately after unpacking. The lighted wall art does not require any additional light, as daylight is perfectly adequate.
  4. The glow in the dark wall painting is packed in a high-quality cardboard box so that it arrives safely and intact.
  5. This is a completely new proposal for your interior. We have experimented for a long time to create something that perfectly complements your interior not only during the day, but also at night. Our glowing wall decor looks exactly as you see it in our video.

The glow in the dark art you see are painted by talented artists in our manufactory. Everything is still done by hand. From making the stretcher frame to painting and packaging. We only use the best materials for our lighted canvas wall art so that you can enjoy them for years to come. We at YS-Art have been painting for customers from all over the world since 2005 and receive only positive feedback from our customers. When you order a glow in the dark painting from YS-Art, you can be sure that you will receive a work of art that exceeds all your expectations.

Art is in every detail of the painting

What defines modern art in its purest form? It manifests itself in the person who creates it – suffused with a specific atmosphere, sending a unique message to the world, borne by an extraordinary energy.
A hand-painted painting is therefore much more than just a picture on canvas. It represents a whole universe of art, brought to life by our hands and souls.