Hand painted pictures on canvas "galactic"

€200,00 EUR

Hand -painted acrylic images "galactic"
  • Each acrylic painting on canvas from our Ys Art Premium series is signed by the artist and a certificate of authenticity is included. With us everything is still done by hand. From preparing a stretcher, to the tension of the high -quality canvas to the painting of the painting and of course the safe packaging.
  • We paint all of our paintings with high -quality acrylic paints, the colors are harmless to health and, above all, environmentally friendly. We stretch the canvas on a natural wood wedge frame. So that the acrylic paints on the painting remain saturated for many years, we refine the surface with water -based lacquer.
  • The wedge frame is already equipped with 2 metal closures - so you can hang the painting immediately after unpacking.
  • We are interested in the fact that the ordered painting arrives in perfect condition. Therefore, we only use high -quality materials and pack our paintings carefully.
  • Make your house, apartment or office a really unique, individual interior that belongs to you and nobody else. But how? The handmade paintings by YS-Art are an exclusive work and the artist's artistry in every detail. They embody inspiration and positive emotions in every line, in their play of colors and the complexity of history. This is contemporary art for those who really "speak" something more than just looking for a simple wall decoration.

The large painting "galactic" fits perfectly into the interior of an apartment or a house, in a living room or a study. There will be sophistication and individuality and emphasize the good taste of the owner because it is 100% hand -painted. Such a nice painting is also a good gift for a loved one, relatives, friends or colleagues. For example, it can be given away to a wedding, inauguration, birthday or another occasion.

We YS-Art, have been painting for customers from all over the world since 2005 and only receive positive feedback. If you order a painting from us, you will receive a unique work of art, which fully exceeds your expectations.

Every detail of the painting conceals art

What defines art in its purest form? It manifests itself in the person who creates it - suffused with a specific atmosphere, sending a unique message to the world, carried by an extraordinary energy. A painting is therefore far more than just a picture captured on canvas. It represents a whole universe of art, brought to life by our hands and souls.