Hand -painted images on canvas as part of "Mittelmee"

€249,00 EUR

Modern art pictures on canvas hand painted "medium meavy"
  • Acrylic painting "Mediterranean". Each painting is signed by the artist and a certificate of authenticity is included.
  • We used natural and environmentally friendly materials for this structure: the best acrylic paints and a clear lacquer based on water. The wedge frame is made of natural wood.
  • The painting is sealed with clear varnish so that it is protected from moisture and sunlight and to ensure the color saturation for a long time. The wedge frame has 2 integrated fastening clips. This allows you to easily hang the painting at home.
  • All components are made completely by hand. From tensioning the canvas on the stretcher to painting and the safe packaging of the painting.
  • Feel the coolness of the waves, the dynamics and power of the sea with this modern deluxe painting. This work of art will look good in a minimalist loft interior. The painting is delivered in a noble white frame.

A large hand -painted acrylic painting on canvas ideal fits into the interior of an apartment or house, regardless of whether it is the living room or the study. The painting will bring sophistication and individuality into their 4 walls and highlight their extraordinary taste. Paintings with a modern motif are a perfect gift for a loved one, relatives, friends or a work colleague. A painting is best suited for a wedding celebration, inauguration or a birthday.

We have painted YS-Art since 2005, for customers from all over the world and only receive positive feedback from them. If you order from us, you will receive a work of art that you not only like, but also exceeds your expectations.

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